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Analysis of the status quo and development trend of China's connector market in 2016 [Figure]

The connector industry involves many fields and covers a wide range. The connector is the core basic component necessary for the electrical connection of the whole circuit system. Its function is to realize connection, disconnection or conversion by means of electrical/optical signals and mechanical force. It is widely used in aerospace, military equipment, communications, computers, automobiles, Industrial, household appliances, etc. In today's rapid development of informatization and electronics, as an indispensable component in electronic equipment, the demand for connectors will steadily increase, and there is bound to be a broader space in the future.

                         Connector main application areas


1. Analysis of the status quo of China's connector market

     1. China's connector market is developing rapidly, and the future is broad. In 2015, the global connector market has exceeded 300 billion yuan, and China, North America, and Europe all accounted for more than 20%. China is currently the largest market in the world with a scale of 80 billion yuan, and is in a period of rapid growth, far exceeding the global average and major markets such as North America and Europe. From 2010 to 2015, the compound growth rate of China's connector market revenue reached 12.5%, while the global compound growth rate was only 2.6% in the same period. Especially in the case of a 1.5% decline in global sales in 2015, it still maintained a growth rate of 8%. The market demand is strong and the development is good, which provides a very broad development space and environment for enterprises engaged in the research and development and production of the connector industry.

                         Major market share of global connectors


In recent years, due to the accelerated construction of domestic 4G network communication equipment, the accelerated construction of urban rail transit, the explosive growth of new energy vehicles, the continuous rapid growth of defense budgets, the continued increase in the proportion of investment in weapons and equipment, and the rapid growth of consumer electronics and automotive electronics. , the demand for connectors will be further enlarged. We judge that the domestic connector industry is expected to maintain a growth rate of about 10% in the future.

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