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  • Market Analysis of Automotive Wiring Harness Industry Chain


    If the car engine is the heart of the car, then the car wiring harness is the blood vessel of the car, and the car engine is rotated by the car wiring harness. Car wiring harnesses are hidden in the interior and exterior of the car and are not understood by consumers, but they are crucial to the safety of the entire vehicle and are also directly related to the customer's driving experience. This article will answer the following questions: 1. What are the moats of the automotive wiring harness industry chain? 2. What factors drive the development of automotive wiring harnesses? 3. Where will the automotive wiring harness develop? Strong moat OEMs have extremely strict requirements for qualification certification and assessment of qualified automotive wiring harness suppliers. Once automotive wiring harness manufacturers are included in the qualified supplier directory of OEMs, a relatively stable long-term cooperative relationship will be formed. Supplier qualification barriers have


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